Live event and live webinar - SWISS NEARSHORING GUIDE TO POLAND

Live event and live webinar – SWISS NEARSHORING GUIDE TO POLAND

Live event and webinar

Poland has become a top destination for nearshoring services of Swiss and international corporations due to its highly-skilled workforce, competitive pricing, and favorable business environment.

This event and webinar are directed to Swiss companies which are exploring the options for nearshoring their services to Poland. This “get-together” supports the launch of the new publication “Swiss Nearshoring Guide to Poland” and will bring together experts from both Switzerland and Poland to provide valuable insights and practical advice on nearshoring and outsourcing to Poland.

During the panel, we feature case-studies and “lessons learned” from C-level execs from Swiss companies. They will share their experience on nearshoring, in setting up Shared Service Centers, GBS, or IT Service Centers in Poland and in managing their service operations in Poland.

The event is aimed at mid-sized and large Swiss companies who want to learn more about opportunities and benefits as well as challenges facing Swiss companies in Poland.


The event will be both In-Person and Online.

Opening speech: Thom Barnhardt, European Business Services Association (Moderator)

Swiss Nearshoring: Opportunities in Poland

Market data confirms strong demand for exceptionally skilled professionals in the fields of technology and engineering in Switzerland. Poland is one of the most popular nearshoring destinations in Europe.

  • Business Services Sector in Poland
  • Economic outlook
  • Size and quality of the talent pool as the most critical asset of the industry in Poland
  • Business-friendly environment to investors – grants & incentives

“Build it or Buy it”?: Opportunities and Trade-offs with building your own SSC (or ITO) in Poland, versus starting with an offshoring partner

Presentation of valuable perspectives and hands-on recommendations regarding nearshoring services to Poland from Swiss Executives running operations in Poland. Advice and real-life references of Swiss companies operating in Poland and opportunities with building own captive shared services center (or ITO) versus starting with an offshoring partner.

  • Main drivers for nearshoring processes and positions from Switzerland to Poland
  • Initial expectations, and real experiences about Poland
  • Balance between cost and availability of a skilled, experienced workforce in Poland
  • Advice for other Swiss companies considering nearshoring options

Publication “Swiss Nearshoring Guide to Poland”

Swiss companies can benefit strongly from Nearshoring their services to Poland. There are already numerous successful Swiss companies outsourcing their operations to Poland or operating their Shared Service Centers in Poland.

The publication “Swiss Nearshoring Guide to Poland” aims to provide case-studies, inspiring success stories and necessary information for Swiss companies interested in nearshoring select back-office and IT processes or positions to Poland. Furthermore, it provides key statistics, raw numbers, and guidance to Swiss companies considering setting up their own („captive”) SSC/GBS operation, versus the alternative option of using a third-party BPO/ITO to provide these services.



Zunfthaus zur Waag, Münsterhof 8, Zurich or Online

September 27, 2023, 5:30 pm

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