Cloud support & IT infrastructure

We provide nearshoring and offshoring teams to support our clients with creating, implementing, performing a migration, operating, and maintaining cloud services, and optimizing IT architecture. ITELENCE consultants and developers can serve our clients in many ways, such as consulting or support with design, migration, or maintenance cloud services.

Cloud computing delivers computing services (servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics) over the Internet to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and scalability. Cloud services can be divided into the following categories: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Additionally, cloud solutions can be available in private, public, or hybrid models depending on a specific company’s needs.

Cloud solutions are becoming very popular in modern business. Researches show that as many as 92% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy. The popularity of this technology is because it offers many business opportunities. First of all, it allows you to store vast data sets, allowing access to them from any device. Additionally, it provides data security, scalability, time and money savings, efficiency, and speed.

ITELENCE offers nearshoring and offshoring services, providing consultants, engineers, architects, and developers to help you design, implement, perform the migration, operate, and maintain cloud services as well as optimize IT architecture.

We provide experts who can support you in implementing and operating cloud solutions, whether public, private, or hybrid. Depending on your needs, they can monitor, analyze, and support your team in building and optimizing your infrastructure by controlling its availability and proper operation.

Keeping in mind the highest quality and security standards, they can help you choose the best provider such as MS Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud or carry out the integration using solutions from different cloud providers (multi-cloud).


How you benefit from our partnership approach

With support of ITELENCE, you can tap the potential of enormous Polish job market, full of highly qualified tech, process and outsourcing professionals. We can build for you high performing dedicated team that will suit your needs. You can even start with a team of one person, test our agile delivery model, learn more about nearshoring and offshoring and increase service scope when you are ready.

Clients of ITELENCE realize following benefits by being served under our agile delivery model


Low initial investment and low overhead cost


Fast implementation


Possibility to start with a few selected FTE


Flexibility on tailoring of Your services


Access to experienced professionals in other supporting IT and accounting functions


Experience in all back office functions (Finance, IT, HR, etc.)


Know-how in local labour and office market


Transition and operations knowledge in Poland


Expertise in Lean and Continuous Improvement

Our agile approach

ITELENCE understands that flexibility is a key winning factor in the success of our clients. Therefore, our offer is characterized by low initial investment costs, limited risk through step-by-step approach toward transition and possibility to test our solutions before deciding on a long-term contract. Our expertise covers the end-to-end nearshoring and offshoring journey. We tailor our support to client’s specific needs. Typical steps of our outsourcing approach are as follows:


We start with analyzing specific client’s needs


We jointly define project scope


We agree draft Service Level Agreement (SLA)


We build together Key Perforce Indictors (KPIs)


We perform transition aiming at processes take over


We use LEAN methodology to deliver process improvements


We constantly adjust to changing clients’ requirements

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