We help businesses
amplify their value through
customized IT, back-office outsourcing and nearshoring.

We support our clients in consulting, digital transformation, BPO, ITO and engineering services.


We create high employee engagement through a positive atmosphere, by focusing on innovation, recognition and personal growth


A partnership approach, regardless of client size, helps us build client trust at every stage of the outsourcing journey


We enable our clients to test our winning outsourcing model with a low initial investment and risk


With our world-class recruitment process, we onboard the best professionals with the top skills


Our agile delivery model is designed to satisfy the most dynamic clients


Being LEAN delivery experts, we optimize our client’s processes and cut their operating costs

Our services

ITELENCE understands that flexibility is a key success factor for our clients. That is why our offer has low initial investment costs and limited risk thanks to a step-by-step approach to transition, with the possibility of testing our solutions before deciding on a long-term contract.

Easy delivery model

Our expertise covers the outsourcing journey end to end - whether your business operates in financial services, retail, production or IT.

Staff and team outsourcing

Delivering required specialist or entire team, according to client needs

IT Managed service

Taking responsibility for daily IT processes based on defined SLA


Building back-office teams in various areas of expertise and size

Extended project team

Delivering defined IT and consulting projects based on client requirements


Why you should start outsourcing to Poland with ITELENCE?

With the support of ITELENCE, you can tap into the enormous potential of the Polish job market, a market brimming with highly qualified tech, process and outsourcing professionals. We can set up a high-performing dedicated team for you; you can even start with a team of just one, test our agile delivery model, learn more about nearshoring and offshoring and then increase the service scope when you are ready.

Clients of ITELENCE have discovered the following benefits from being served under our agile delivery model:


Low initial investment and low overhead cost


Fast implementation


Possibility to start with a few selected FTE


Flexibility on tailoring of Your services


Access to experienced professionals in other supporting IT and accounting functions


Experience in all back office functions (Finance, IT, HR, etc.)


Know-how in local labour and office market


Transition and operations knowledge in Poland


Expertise in Lean and Continuous Improvement

Success factors for outsourcing to Poland and Warsaw

  • Highly-skilled, multilingual and affordable workforce
  • Hard-work oriented business culture with a “western” mentality
  • Extensive pool of accounting and IT graduates
  • Presence of all global accounting, audit and IT companies
  • Developed banking sector
  • Strong supply of A-class office space
  • Well-developed telecommunications and IT Infrastructure
  • Good communication networks (international airports, trains and highways)
  • No. 1 - as attractive FDI destination in CEE (and 5th most attractive in Europe) according to EY’s European Attractiveness Survey 2016
  • Poland is no. 1 in Europe and no. 5 worldwide in nearshore and offshore outsourcing according to ABSL in 2017

Poland and Warsaw
advantages in numbers

1 350 000

students (250 000 - students in Warsaw alone)

4 00 000

graduates every year (60 000 - graduates in Warsaw alone)


languages used in the Polish SSC/BPO sector

250 000

students of economics

Top 10

Poland is in the top ten countries in the world with the best English Proficiency (according to EF English Proficiency Index)


universities (76 in Warsaw alone)

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