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We help our clients boost their competitiveness through IT nearshoring and offshoring. We optimize back-office processes, using centralization and LEAN standardization.

Who we are

We are a fast-growing outsourcing provider helping our clients to focus on their core mission. We help international corporations in their business and digital transformation through nearshoring and offshoring. We set up high performing, affordable teams by tapping into the enormous Polish job market. We provide consulting BPO and ITO services.


Our agile delivery model is designed for the most dynamic clients


A partnership approach, regardless of client size, helps us build client trust at every stage of the outsourcing journey


With our world-class recruitment process, we onboard the best professionals with the highest skills


We enable our clients to test our winning outsourcing model with a low initial investment and risk


We create high employee engagement through a positive atmosphere by focusing on innovation, recognition and personal growth


Being LEAN delivery experts, we optimize our client’s processes and cut their operating costs


In my extensive outsourcing career, I have been very lucky to help numerous decision makers from various industries from Western Europe and the USA to boost the competitiveness of their businesses with talent from Poland. At ITELENCE we want to share our nearshoring, offshoring and business experience with international corporations and support them on the road to becoming GREAT. We assist them in transferring to Poland their back-office, middle-office, and IT processes - at various sophistication levels.

Szymon Stadnik CEO


Why you should start outsourcing to Poland with ITELENCE?

With the support of ITELENCE, you can tap into the enormous potential of the Polish job market, a market brimming with highly qualified tech, process and outsourcing professionals. We can set up a high-performing dedicated team for you; you can even start with a team of just one, test our agile delivery model, learn more about nearshoring and offshoring and then increase the service scope when you are ready.

Clients of ITELENCE have discovered the following benefits from being served under our agile delivery model:


Low initial investment and low overhead cost


Fast implementation


Possibility to start with a few selected FTE


Flexibility on tailoring of Your services


Access to experienced professionals in other supporting IT and accounting functions


Experience in all back office functions (Finance, IT, HR, etc.)


Know-how in local labour and office market


Transition and operations knowledge in Poland


Expertise in Lean and Continuous Improvement

Join our Team, discover the ITELENCE spirit and achieve your vision of the perfect job with us.

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